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4 Key Benefits of Content Marketing for Local SEO

So, you have gotten started on implementing SEO as a part of your marketing strategy and are looking forward to seeing some great results for your business. You’re well aware that SEO is an essential element to business growth, but have you considered local SEO as a part of your efforts?

Local SEO is incredibly important to consider and should most certainly be a part of your SEO plan. We’ll discuss why and give you some further insights on the benefits of content marketing for local SEO.

Why is Local SEO Important?

We like to understand the importance of local SEO by looking at our own search journeys. You’ve likely been in a position where you were looking for a restaurant to eat at and googled something like ‘best restaurants in Toronto’.

You then get your list of search results and make your decision on what restaurant to go to from there.

This makes the element of a local search important as it can mean the difference between your business showing up in those search results or not. In fact, research shows that 50% of searchers who do a local search go to a physical location from that search within one day.

While you certainly want to show up for more general and specialized search engine results pages, not showing up in local search results is a missed opportunity.

The Power of Content Marketing for Local SEO Performance

One of the key elements in setting yourself up for success in this process is using content marketing for local SEO. Now, let’s talk about the key benefits of content marketing for driving the local SEO concept.

You can easily incorporate local twists in to blogs

If you already use the blog feature for SEO on your website, then adding a local twist into those blogs is an easy way to start with local SEO. You might rework your current articles to include local keywords that make sense to your audience’s searches.

You could also expand your blog ideas to include articles like ‘best of in Toronto’, ‘top 10 in Toronto’, or ‘local Toronto guides’. Complete your keyword research to see what is being searched for in your area and apply them to your content.

Including local information in your blogs is not only a great way to rank for local searches, but also provides specialized local information that is useful to your searchers.

Collaboration with other local businesses means further reach

Content marketing provides the ability to team up with other local businesses, which means that your reach goes twice as far.

You might cross-promote with link building in your blog content with other local businesses. This increases your exposure and helps to introduce your content to other local customers. All while increasing your local SEO ranking abilities.

You can also collaborate with other local businesses through social media content with things like giveaways and shout outs. This content is valuable to further building your local audience as it is more targeted and meaningful to them.

Local social media feels exclusive

Continuing on with targeted content, content marketing through social media has the ability to make audiences feel more exclusive when they are created local.

Localized social media content helps to further generate traffic, links, and leads as local audiences feel taken care of with messaging that applies to only them.

Local Facebook pages can outperform generalized pages as you can promote local events or discounts within the area. Activity on any platform that includes a location-specific URL helps with ranking as Google uses the information to improve local search listings.

Local Instagram stories are also a great way to show that your business is active within the community and helps to create a better human connection.

Content marketing for local SEO gives you an advantage to bigger businesses

Larger corporations may have a forceful pull to larger audiences, but this also means targeting on a wider scale. Local businesses have a unique advantage in content marketing as they can use their location to specifically target local audiences.

A local content marketing campaign is a great option for smaller businesses, especially as the internet is continually getting more and more dense with noise.

Getting local means taking a different angle to your content marketing approach and getting your message heard by local audiences – something that larger businesses have a harder time doing.

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