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Essential Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Business

Email marketing can be complicated.

From list building, to copywriting to testing, it can feel like there’s always something new to learn or try. If you’re a small business owner with limited time on your hands, this can all seem overwhelming. And then when it comes time to look over your stats, if your email opens aren’t as good as you hoped and the click-through rates are worse, it can get discouraging.

Your email marketing efforts are a complex process with lots of moving parts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find success while keeping things relatively simple. Perhaps you’re considering starting an email marketing campaign. Or you’ve already begun but you are seeing low open rates, little return on investment, and overall disappointing performance. If that’s you, then try applying these 7 fresh marketing tips that are sure to improve your email campaigns.

1. Make Sure the Links in Your Emails are Obvious

The whole point of your email messaging is to drive traffic to your landing page.  It’s really just that simple. If you’re not driving clicks to your page, your email subscribers can’t be converted into customers.

They key to driving traffic to your landing page is quite simple: capitalize on every spot where a reader might want to click. This means including lots of links, and making sure your links look like links. Use a strong call to action to guide your readers into clicking.

2. Encourage Your Readers to Reply

In the old days of direct mail, you would send out your correspondence, and then wait for your readers to act. Not anymore. Today, email marketing opens the door for meaningful conversations with your potential customers. We’re talking about real people who are interested in your business. With that in mind, you’ll want to encourage this back-and-forth in three ways:

  • Enticing email subject lines. Speak directly to your subscribers and promise them something that will stand out. The best way to achieve this is with automated personalization.
  • Use a distinctive and entertaining voice. Just because someone opened your email, doesn’t mean they’re actually going to read it. Always make sure your message sounds like it’s coming from a real person who cares, not an emotionless robot.
  • Target content. Email marketing best practices are to segment your email lists by your subscribers’ demographics. This makes it easier to create messages that resonate with each segment’s needs and interest, making them more likely to be converted, engage with you, or at least pass it along to someone else.

The focus here is to get people to respond. That may mean just clicking a link, but wherever possible, encourage them to actually reply to your emails.  It’s the best way to show you’re interested in what your subscribers are thinking.

3. Personalization is Key

It’s a good idea to add personal elements to your emails wherever you can. Messages that not only address your subscribers by name, but also dive deep to address their interests, and more importantly, their needs, are not only becoming more commonplace, they’re becoming expected.

There are many ways to achieve this personal touch:

  • Most modern email tools allow you to use short-codes that will be replaced by the recipient’s name once the email is sent out.
  • Try mixing and matching your email content by location.
  • Customize your subject lines.
  • And of course, be sure to segment your list by behaviours.

4. Make Sure Your Emails Look Great

It might sound somewhat obvious, but you may be surprised at how many businesses still send emails that look like those free, amateur websites from the ‘90s. Once you entice subscribers to open your emails with engaging subject lines it’s important to keep their interest, so they’ll actually read your emails. The best way to do this is:

  • Use short paragraphs and make sure that your keywords and any phrases that may be important to your readers stand out.
  • Include bullet points to help people skim the important content.
  • Use images sparingly – you want them to illustrate your point, not take over your content. Besides, some email providers will block images or think of them as indicators of spam.

5. Include Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Encouraging your readers to engage with your business on social media should be one of the key ingredients of your email marketing pie. Therefore, email marketing best practice is to include links to your social media alongside a call to action to share this promotional offer with their social media followers and friends.

Not only does this give you an added opportunity for promotion, it builds the trust between your business and your audience. If a visitor has already given you their email, the odds are good they will follow you on social media too. Make it easy for them to follow you!

6. Test, Test, Test

If you want to continuously see your subscribers open and click on links in your emails, you’ll need to make sure every message sent is working properly. Double-check that each of your messages look the way you want them to by first sending them to employee accounts. Preferably, you should view them in several different email providers (like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo), as well as on a variety of mobile devices.

This is a best practice for email simply because sending mass emails without double-checking the content is like showing up to a business meeting having gotten dressed in the dark – if it goes poorly, you won’t just look foolish, you’ll look unprofessional too!

7. Keep Track of Your Data

Keep a keen eye on your data, like how many email addresses were undeliverable, how many were never opened, and what time of day people did open your message. The tiny details in your data can tell you an awful lot about your campaign’s performance.

If you’re using Google Analytics for your website, you’ve got even more powerful data at your fingertips. Try tagging your emails with custom campaign tracking so you can see how they’re driving traffic to your landing pages, and how those people behave once they get there. With this information you can really personalize your messages for people who want it.

The Future of Email Marketing

Even though email marketing is one of the oldest forms of communicating with your target audience, it continues to change and evolve. The root reason to start using email marketing is still the same as it has always been – to get your business out there. But the branches have changed.

It isn’t about incessantly marketing a product anymore. Today, it’s all about creating an emotional connection and driving engagement. Email marketing is a way to connect with your audience, build trust, and develop a relationship. You do this by showing that your business is willing to provide solutions no other business can.

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