Full Service Email Marketing

There is no better way to connect and market products to your consumer than through email marketing. We deliver full service email marketing as a direct path to your customer, and your best opportunity to capture their attention.

3 billion people will be using an email by 2020!

Emailing is one of the single greatest tools that business owners have at their disposal. In fact, according to Radicat’s 2016 Email Statistics Report, over 3 billion people in the world will be actively using an email by 2020. Moreover, as far as revenue is concerned, for each dollar that a business spends with a full service email marketing campaign, they can anticipate nearly $38 of revenue in return.

Email marketing: a constantly evolving tool

Email marketing gives business owners the power of interacting with consumers, automating emails, and personalizing the entire business-to-consumer experience. Today, these fundamentals are constantly changing and advancing, alongside the entire email marketing culture. At Asset Digital Communications, we are vigilant in monitoring the shifts and advancements in email marketing so we are delivering great work to each of our clients.

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Business

How we can help

In truth, we work tirelessly to grow our client’s email list and increase their follower engagement. Our aim is to maintain top of mind awareness, grow interest in your services, and boost customer loyalty. This is done through creating timely, purposeful, and original content. Additionally, we will implement a range of email marketing strategies, depending on the campaign goals set. As a full service agency, we leverage the strengths of each of your marketing channels to maximize the impact of each email marketing campaigns.

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ADC’s High Impact Email Marketing Methodology

Master Bulb

Strategy Development

First and foremost, we begin with strategy development. Our experts start by focusing on creating a strategy based on the goals set by you. Then, we will establish an effective plan to meet your goals and create an action plan to make it happen.

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Design & Development

In reality, an email marketing campaign is only as strong as its design. Our experts take great care and caution in the graphics of each email, making sure it matches the stylistic preferences of your audience.

Content Design

Email Copywriting & Formatting

Once the email template and design has been created, our experts will focus on creative copywriting and matching the tone and voice of your brand, while also optimizing other email marketing strategies to enhance the return on investment.

Refresh Technologies

Email Setup & Execution

Now, after our experts have carefully analyzed each email, we will setup the entire campaign, utilizing the preferred emailing software. In fact, we will even automate the emails and schedule accordingly, minimizing and eliminating any extra planning.

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Email Analytics & Reporting

Finally, the last part of a successful email marketing campaign is the reporting and analytics side. Our experts are trained in debriefing these statistics and adjusting campaigns according to the results. Furthermore, we can overview these statistics can offer insight regarding your past and current customer base.

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