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What Are You Paying For: Understanding Inbound Marketing Services Pricing

In 2020, Digital Marketing is the only effective medium to reach out to potential customers. To be more precise, inbound marketing techniques are the only hope for businesses struggling with a lean budget. Now, if you are worried about the inbound marketing services pricing, then there’s no need to fret.

Since inbound marketing is not a “marketing technique” but a subset of digital marketing activities, people tend to get confused about the pricing. Inbound Marketing basically refers to a diverse set of activities that aim at reaching out to audiences through subtle techniques.

It involves posting regular blogs, native advertising, social media posts, and many others, which are not very aggressive. In the later stages, audiences are filtered and retargeted, which is something that adds up to the overall costs of inbound marketing services and its pricing.

Since most business decision-makers feel overwhelmed about it, we decided to dive deep into the costs involved in inbound marketing services. Pricing patterns may vary but here’s a gist of everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

How much does inbound marketing cost?

Generally, most small businesses dedicate 6 to 8% of their total revenues towards digital marketing. Out of this, at least 70% must be set aside for inbound marketing services. The pricing of these services largely depends on the strategy deployed.

Also, the pricing varies depending on the current sales volume of your business, type of product or service offered, and the size of your target audiences. So, once you have these figures, it becomes easier to plan an effective digital marketing strategy.

The price is also influenced by your long term and short-term business goals; current and desired cost of acquisition; overall digital marketing strategy, etc. Based on these factors, you would have to spend somewhere between $2000 and $15000 per month on inbound marketing services.

What’s included in inbound marketing services? | The Pricing Pattern

Inbound marketing starts with persona research and then makes use of multiple advanced techniques like SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, and more. Basically, it refers to an approach that does not “interrupt” a random target but rather makes use of a strategic approach.

This approach involves grabbing the targets’ attention with eye-catching content and then retargeting them based on their behavior. With numerous tools to track user behavior, our experts have no problems filtering visitors based on their behavior.

For instance, a campaign designed to promote a startup chocolate brand would begin with content that speaks of the health benefits of chocolate such as its ability to lower cortisol levels. In the next phase, the target would be provided with scientific evidence to purport those initial claims.

Finally, when the target is hooked to the content and makes a purchase, we would then tell the users about the various ways in which it can be used. For example, it can be used in smoothies, or in baking. While this provides value to your existing customers, it also helps boost sales.

Now, this sort of step-by-step approach requires research, comprehensive planning, use of digital marketing tools, and skilled professionals to put all of this to most effective use.

This is precisely what’s included in the inbound marketing services. So, the pricing would vary depending on the kind of product or service you wish to promote.

Is Inbound Marketing Truly Effective?

Yes! Inbound marketing is extremely effective because you are reaching out to an audience that is aware of your offering. So, the chances of conversion are much higher than it is when you reach out to a random set of audiences.

In fact, the chances of converting such an audience are five times more than converting one that has no clue about your business. This is where the magic of informational blogs and active social media pages can do wonders.


We are living in times when customers are socially distancing, users are spending more time online and businesses are struggling to remain afloat. So, survival depends on generating higher conversions on a lean budget to lower the cost of acquisition and maximize profits.

Now that you know everything about inbound marketing services and its pricing, it’s time to talk. At Asset Digital Communications, we offer both inbound and outbound digital marketing services which makes budget planning a whole lot easier. You can simply set a monthly budget for all your digital marketing efforts and leave the rest to us.