Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising a great way to instantly get highly targeted, pre-qualified visitors on your website.

Whether it’s Google or Bing Ads, display or video ads, or social media advertising, there have never been more opportunities to get your brand seen by online audiences.

PPC advertising is growing and options are expanding thanks to the rapid results achieved. With PPC campaigns and social media ads, you’re able to hyper-target your audience and deliver ads that feel individually personalized.

Paid media also provides invaluable insight into keyword data and user experiences that we in turn apply to your SEO strategy. Want to win big? Test and adjust, consistently eliminate waste, and keep redirecting your budget towards most profitable opportunities. Then test and adjust again.

Asset Digital’s 5-Step Pay Per Click System

We develop a highly targeted and consistently performing campaign with our proven REACH 5-step system, to generate leads and from there to work on sales conversion optimization so that we are attracting higher quality leads that have a greater probability of becoming sales.

#1 Research

We analyze the characteristics of buyer segments  (the target demographic audiences with the highest conversion probabilities). And we also look at geography, demography, lifestyle & values, and keywords. We evaluate each ad platform to flag new opportunties.  From there we begin work on articulating highly targeted customer profiles.

#2 Evaluate Available Data

We evaluate all available data, looking at trends, channels and their fit for campaign. We look to develop custom audience lists, look-alike lists from previous data, and remarketing opportunities ( eg. site visitor non-convertors). What is the current Google Adwords Quality Score? We develop strategies to improve this score, as this will result in greater return on your Adwords budget.

#3 Channel-Specific Action Plans

Each channel gets its own strategy. We set up initial ads, carry out testing and maintain close monitoring, fine tuning frequently based on insights generated through the process. Always with an eye on generating leads and sales, we build intelligent, dynamic campaigns.

#4 Ongoing Data Collection & Refinement

Managing a paid campaign means collecting data for comparison, insights, and refinement of ads so that performance continues to improve over time.

#5 Harness Wins and Insights for Continual Ad Performance Improvements

We develop the a Unique Success Model for your business from this process and then carry out continuous optimization. This ensures we deliver ongoing optimum client value every month.

The Recipe for a Successful Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

Keywords Research

Keyword Strategy

A successful PPC advertising campaign will include the most prominent keywords, securing the target audience. For this reason, our experts perform thorough keyword searches to discover the best keywords based on the latest trends and performance data.

Follower Retention

Call to Action

A strong call-to-action makes the difference between a truly successful ad and a mediocre ad. We carefully construct CTAs  that prompt action and increase the click-through-rate (CTR).

Content Development


When developing a PPC ad, it’s important to include some form of credibility. Generally speaking, this is how you can establish trust with your target audience. We will work with you to highlight which credentials work best for your campaign.

Digital Service Provider


If you are wanting to drive quality leads, you need to offer quality in the advertisement. In essence, our experts are trained professionals and specialize in developing ad copy that is authentic to your brand.

Digital Content Writing

Advertising Copy

The most important key of a successful advertisement campaign is the digital content writing. Our experts have years of experience developing eye-catching, lead-generating headlines, securing new quality leads.

Traffic Growth

Pay Per Click Measurement & Reporting

A successful pay-per click campaign entails thorough ongoing measurement and studying of performance and analytics. Now, since each campaign is funded by our clients, we are agile capitalizing on insights and trends to maximize impact and results. In fact, our experts monitor campaign performance regularly, ensuring your dollars are optimally applied. Each month we provide client reporting so you can track progress.

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