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Pay per click, PPC advertising, Paid Media and Paid Social are all terms which refer to a wide variety of high effective digital advertising channels. Most commonly the terms refer to paid search campaigns on the Google Ads network or on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

And a valuable tool for businesses that are in highly competitive industries is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM helps business grow in verticals where ranking organically is a challenge.

With PPC marketing, results can happen fast. Once the campaign is set up and running, new business leads and sales opportunities begin flowing to your business rapidly.

Get Going Quickly

Even if you have never done PPC Ads, we can get you up and running quickly with a customized PPC Campaign.

Boost Quality Website Traffic

Your online ads immediately create new, traffic to your website. Your ads and website will be seen by buyers and consumers with high purchase intent.

Strong Targeting

Pay-Per-Click advertising engages targeted audiences who are looking for your products and services online to bring more new business to you.

Google and Facebook are the most targeted forms of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location.

Learn more about your customers and their online behaviour as your ads expand your online visibility.

With A/B testing and the fine-tuning that is part of the campaigns we manage, results are generated quickly and performance improvements accrue bringing in more leads over time.

Advanced Tools & Analytics

You have full visibility to see how many impressions, click and conversions your campaign is generating delivered in our regular reporting to you.

Increased Leads and Sales

In a fast-paced world where only the smart survive, the new leads and sales generated with Google Adwords or Facebook advertising will give you a new competitive edge.

Pay Only for Clicks

Control your advertising costs with PPC advertising that lets you pay as you go. Plus you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The Rule of 7 Increases Brand Recognition

The more often a buyer sees your brand, the greater the chance they will buy from your business. Remarketing is a tool that shows a site visitor your ads  on other web pages after visiting your site, increasing their awareness of your business.

Learn how PPC can work for your business:

We Offer An Extensive Range of PPC Options

We’ll get you from clicks to conversions on the best platforms for your business.

You can drive targeted traffic to your website by placing Your ad gets placed at the top of any given search engine for keywords that make the most sense for your business and budget.

We offer advanced audience targeting on today’s most popular paid platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn ads for B2B solutions. Our team can set up programmatic display campaigns, and even help with YouTube advertising.

Paid Search

• Google Ads
• Bing & Yahoo!
• Paid Search Audits

Social Ads

• Facebook & Instagram
• LinkedIn Ads
• Twitter Ads


• Google Display Networks
• Programmatic Display
• Native Advertising


• YouTube Ads
• Programmatic Video
• Video Remarketing


• Google Remarketing
• Dynamic Remarketing
• Facebook Remarketing


• Google Product Listing Ads
• Facebook Catalog Ads
• Amazon Ads

Is this your first time for a Paid Media Campaign?

You’ve decided you’re ready to use Google Ads, Facebook, or one of the other paid media platforms, we’ll help you get started!
We will handle everything from ‘Campaign Planning’ to implementation.

Our setup services include:

  • Account Set Up & Creation
  • Full Platform Access
  • Targeted Campaign Structure (including Location, Device, Demographics, Industry, etc.)
  • In-Depth Budget Recommendations
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Landing Page & Conversion Recommendations>
  • Competitor & Branded Campaigns
  • Full Tracking Setup Implementation
  • A Dedicated Account Manager