Which is Better for B2B: SEO or Social Media Marketing?


The thing that every working individual needs but never seems to have enough of.

No matter if you’re a business owner or marketing coordinator stepping up to take care of your companies B2B marketing, time is something that can be hard to find and prioritize in terms of your efforts. There has always been some debate around whether your time is best spent on SEO or social media marketing for B2B, so we’re here to provide a little expertise on the topics.

SEO and social media can work in entirely differently for B2B digital marketing purposes, but they can also work great when used together. Regardless of whichever approach you prefer, be sure to take a look at the facts to best inform your decision and always support your marketing efforts with a robust strategy.

Which is Better for B2B Marketing? SEO or Social Media Marketing?

Given that time is such a valuable resource within many companies, you may only have enough of it to put towards one single marketing initiative. You may even be forced to have to choose one over another. While it’s always best to market your business through a variety of tactics, if you have to choose between SEO or social media marketing, we believe that your time is going to be best spent on social media marketing. Here’s why

SEO for B2B

SEO can be seen as more of a best practice. This is not to say that this best practice should be discounted, however, SEO is technical and doesn’t involve real people in the way that social media does. SEO can also be incredibly time consuming and require months or even years to gain credibility for ranking.

Social media marketing has more potential to make a large impact on your business, and can even hold the power to help with ranking.

Social Media Marketing for B2B

Social media marketing has the potential to bring great change to your business and there are a number of reasons why:

1. Connection is human to human: Even though your marketing efforts may be business to business, the people behind those businesses are still human. The human connection you make to your audience through social media marketing is not met in the same way with SEO.

2. You can easily target your audience: With built in targeting options, your messaging can be put directly in to the hands of the audience that you want to see it.

3. Your audience can engage: Being able to react and respond to your messaging is another great perk to social media marketing. Your audience can share, like, comment and engage with you on a human level bringing trust in to their relationship with your brand.

4. Saves you time: Once your social media strategy is complete and you have started to create and post pieces of content to your channels, the process can be streamlined and interactions can be immediate.

5. Increase website traffic and boost your ranking: Social media marketing can help move your target audience over to your website. As your audience spends more time on social media, the more likely they are head to your website. These links from social media to website ultimately help to boost your ranking.

Always make an informed decision

At the end of the day, you are the one who knows your business and your audience best and it will always stand that each strategy has its pros and cons. Use your expertise and intuition to understand where your audience is and how to best reach them.

The best social media strategy is one that also supports SEO strategy. This can mean anything from link building to content marketing. Create a social media strategy that supports your SEO efforts and even takes your SEO to the next level. You can also leverage your content from one to support the other.

Remember that all of your marketing efforts should target the same audience, which means that your targets should align for both SEO and social media. Targeting the same audience from a variety of angles, with consistent messaging, is the best way to ensure your message is heard. Use the tools and knowledge available to you in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts.


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