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If your website does not appear on page 1 in relevant searches, you’re losing business to your competitors. Conducting Search Engine Optimization provides the fuel to drive your business to the top of search, so your next customer can find you.

Confused about Search Engine Optimization? That is understandable: changes to the practices are occurring at a rapid pace, so it's hard to keep up as a business owner.

Here is what is important today when it comes to SEO:

SEO is Technical

The technical side of SEO ensures your website can be found by the search engines, that your site loads quickly, and essentially delivers what the search engine crawlers need to index your pages. If not done, or not done properly, Google and the other search engines won’t understand what your business is about, and won’t send you traffic.

Your Content Strategy Is Essential

Setting up your website pages also means making decisions about keywords to rank for. Each page’s content must be optimized to attract the specific types of website visitors that you want to reach.

Ongoing Updates Strengthen Website Performance

Once the website is optimized and ranking, the next step is building traffic with Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. The short-list of activities include link building, blogging, and regular site audits to carry out ongoing performance improvements. There are many strategies and avenues to bring traffic to your website. Our job is to employ the best for your business and budget.

SEO takes time

Initial results with SEO will deliver gains, but if you’re starting from a weak position, understand that racking up big gains simply takes time. Like training to be a top athlete, persistence and a commitment to the goals deliver incremental wins that add up over time.

Great SEO delivers great ROI for business

Be wary of cheap SEO: it delivers nothing but a business expense and lost time for your website and your business.

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Here are our initial steps to creating a successful SEO campaign for your business.

We start by understanding where you are now. Then we build the path forward to meet your overall marketing goals and budget.


Website Audit

Competitive Research


Website Audit

Competitive Research

Link Acquisition & Outreach

Content Campaign

Keyword Research

Link Acquisition & Outreach

Content Campaign

Keyword Research

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SEO is a proven strategy that marketing managers and business owner find to be cost-effective, and providing clear ROI.

• 60% of clicks go to the top 3 websites in search engine results
• 50% of local searches from a mobile device produce a physical store visit
• Leads generated from organic search traffic have a higher close rate (15%)compared to leads coming from print ads (2%).

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Search Engine Optimization FAQ

SEO is just one aspect of the umbrella that is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM includes PPC and SEO. If it can be found in the search engine, it can safely be called search engine marketing.

On-page SEO are the tactics used on or within a page to help it in ranking higher in search engine results. On-page SEO includes both content and the HTML source of a page. This can include image optimization, keyword optimization, Schema markup, and more.

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO is the work you can perform outside the confines of your website. The most important are:

  • Link building.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Brand mentions.

Off-page SEO give search engines a good indication of how the World (other websites and users) perceive your website.

A website that is of high quality and useful is more likely to have backlinks from other websites. They are also more likely to have brand mentions on social media and are more likely to be bookmarked and shared throughout communities.

What have you done so far? If you haven’t yet started, you should start with an SEO site audit. There are several free tools to help you do this, including Google Analytics, SEOptimer, and SEMrush, to name a few.

An audit will help you find broken links, make sure your meta tags are correct, and check page load speeds. Once all your pages are in order you can begin keyword research and start getting some content together!