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SEO Guelph Experts

A Top Local SEO Agency

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much a business should spend on SEO.

If you’re looking for an SEO company in Guelph, one option is to pore over SEO agency price lists.  But here’s a much better way to decide what your SEO budget should be.

Start with the end goal – ROI – in sight.

SEO Strategy: Play to Win!

Think of it this way: SEO is an ongoing competition, where the strongest team finishes in first place each month. Finishing in first place means you will receive the lion’s share of leads and enquiries.

Getting to first place in SEO means appearing at the top of Google page 1 for the search phrases (keywords) your potential customers use to find you. How did the number one team get to first place? Think of the team as the keyword strategy. You need the right team to score wins.

If you’re just starting out, the most expensive players (most competitive keywords) may be out of your budget range. However, that’s not an issue for a skilled SEO coach who knows how to pick an affordable team that can also deliver wins.

Earn Google Page 1 Ranking with SEO Services Guelph

What else did your competitor – that first-place team – do to garner the coveted top position?

First of all, they’ve been at it a while, producing a consistently solid performance (growth in organic traffic).  As their skills improved, they began to win some games (incoming leads & sales).

Over time, they’ve learned the ins and outs (fine-tuned their keyword strategy), accrued respect (Domain Authority and high quality back-links) by accumulating consistent wins (rankings and organic traffic growth) as they inched up to Google page 1.

The online world is a well-established, highly competitive arena. When you tap powerful SEO strategies to grow your business, you are in league with both small and large competitors.

Some are investing thousands of dollars each month to ensure they continue to win the lion’s share of leads, enquiries, brand awareness and organic website traffic.

SEO is about Return on Investment

These top position companies are enjoying a strong return on their monthly SEO investment.

Take a moment to savour that kind of win. If your SEO brings say 50 new leads, your average sale value is $25,000 and your close rate is anywhere between 5% and 15%, you’ve earned $63K – $187K in new revenue.

The example is simplistic, but the point is that to really get into the game, you’re getting a chance to over-take some mighty competitors.

Well worth the $2K – $5K per month to start getting your team assembled, and a top coach in place.

The point is that the less you spend, the longer it will take to start racking in those top-quality leads. See results with a competitive budget and a top Guelph SEO company as your agency partner.

Industrial Manufacturing

SEO Case Study

A precision CNC manufacturer, with 35 years experience and over 150 employees at their Mississauga facility hired Asset Digital to improve their brand, and generate leads from the website.

Within the first year here’s what we did:

  • Created a fresh brand presence with a new website
  • Implemented a rigorous competitive SEO strategy
  • Produced monthly blog articles to reach valuable target audiences
  • Designed and managed an email nurture campaign

Here are the results:

  • 178% growth in website traffic in first 6 months
  • 320% increase in US based traffic to the website
  • 1st lead ever came in month 2 of SEO work
  • 200% growth in leads year over year
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Toronto Psychotherapy Clinic

SEO Case Study

A thriving psychotherapy clinic had a website that did not showcase the business effectively. Traffic to the website was lacklustre and organic website enquiries were zero. Numerous technical SEO, UX (user experience) and content issues were problems for this business. The Asset Digital Team got to work!

Within the six months we:

  • Resolved all the UX and technical SEO issues
  • Launched a monthly SEO content program
  • Established steady growth in organic traffic and a leads program

Here are the results:

  • 700% growth in search engine appearances
  • 362% increase organic traffic to the website
  • 1st lead ever came in month 5 of SEO work
  • 300% increase in enquiries year over year
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A Fire Safety Consultancy

SEO Case Study

This well-established industrial consulting specialized in fire safety had been doing SEO for a few years without seeing much benefit. They’d lost confidence in SEO, but also needed more sources of new growth to meet ambitious growth goals.

Our website audit revealed a very large website, confusing to navigate. There were many pages that were old, no longer relevant, but still being crawled by the search engines. It was no surprise to us that the site was generating a very low quality traffic and was not generating leads. Our team got to work on a 6-month mission to solve the most pressing SEO issues and prove to them that competent SEO services will produce valuable results.

This is what we did:

  • Developed focused strategy tailored to solve major SEO issues
  • Optimized 9 web pages (out of a total of 1001 URLs)
  • Carried out technical SEO
  • Wrote beautiful, expert page copy, redesigned some key web pages

Here are the results:

  • Growth in search engine queries grew 184%
  • Website visits grew 145%
  • Bounce rate dropped by half
  • Organic traffic (new users) growth of 137%
  • Growth seen across all key search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo & DuckDuckGo)
  • A whopping 24 brand new requests for quotes, attributed to our SEO work
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Guelph SEO Experts

Choose Asset Digital

SEO Experts for Guelph Small Business

The fastest GDP growth of any Canadian city is happening in Guelph. It has become a vital economic hub for Ontario. In addition to the advanced manufacturing, major industries also include agricultural innovation, clean technology, and information and communications technology.

Your SME business is an integral part of this economic engine. As SEO experts for complex and highly competitive industries, our team has the expertise to implement the right SEO strategies for your unique business.

The challenge for SMEs is that many SEO agencies focus on serving larger businesses. Smaller businesses struggle to find good quality SEO services. Expert SEO requires a wide range of skills and abilities, along with a creative aspect and it’s hard to find all of this for an affordable price when you’re a smaller business.

We take time to understand your business and we have honed our capabilities over many years. We are dedicated to smaller businesses. It’s our super-power, setting us apart in the industry.

We develop strong, competitive SEO campaigns. The knowledge about your business which we gain from you, coupled with our years of experience enables us to craft SEO strategies that deliver performance quickly.

Once we’ve established your trust with delivering exciting early results, we double down to continue to deliver results month over month.

Are you tired of hearing “SEO takes time”?

If you’ve got the an Expert Guelph SEO team working for you, then you’ll see measurable results monthly as we work together.

SEO for Guelph business is competitive no matter your industry, and it requires ongoing work, month in and month out, to grow your business. Our clients understand this. They come on board and stay because we consistently deliver on the goals set.

#1 SEO Guelph Agency - Get These Powerful Benefits

Benefits of Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increased website traffic: Organic SEO attracts more visitors to your site who are actively searching for your products or services.

Improved brand awareness: Higher search engine ranking positions your brand in front of a wider audience, boosting brand recognition.

Cost-effective results: While SEO requires ongoing effort, it delivers long-term results at a lower cost compared to some paid advertising methods.

Benefits of On-page SEO

Enhanced user experience: Optimized website structure and content improve navigation and user engagement.

Improved search engine ranking: Optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags all contribute to better search engine understanding of your content.

Increased conversion rates: Well-structured on-page elements guide users towards desired actions on your website, like making a purchase, clicking an offer or contacting you.

Benefits of Off-page SEO

Build website authority: Backlinks from high-quality websites signal trust and expertise to search engines, which in turn translates into more traffic to your website.

Increased brand awareness: Off-page SEO efforts like social media promotion can expand your brand reach beyond search engines.

Targeted traffic acquisition: Strategic off-page tactics can attract visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Benefits of Technical SEO

Improved website crawlability: Search engine crawlers more easily access and index your website content, and if your website is optimized you get better ranking and more organic traffic.

Faster website loading speed: Technical SEO ensures your website loads quickly, enhancing user experience and search engine ranking.

Mobile friendliness: Optimized technical SEO factors contribute to a positive user experience on all devices, including mobile phones.

Search Engine Optimization Services Defined

SEO is many things in today’s online world, requiring a range of skillsets. What type of SEO you need depends on a few variables. However, the strategies vary, so keep these approaches in mind as your consider your business’s best SEO options

Local SEO

Ideal for businesses with a brick-and-mortar location serving a local customer base but increasingly used for online and multi-location service businesses. Local SEO strengthens you online presence in local search results, helping potential customers find your business easily in map listings and local search queries. This is essential for businesses like restaurants, cafes, retail stores, or service providers who rely on attracting customers within a specific geographic area.

International SEO

For businesses who’s interests extend beyond their local market, international SEO tailors the website, its content and strategy for specific languages and regions. This might involve country specific variables such as the URL, correct local language translation, and representation of important cultural nuances in that country. Internationally-oriented multi-language keyword research will ensure your website ranks well in relevant countries. International SEO is a complex undertaking, but the potential rewards of reaching a global market are significant.

Ecommerce SEO

Specifically designed to help online stores attract more organic traffic and increase sales. Ecommerce SEO involves a specialized and advanced form of SEO that optimizes all the special features in e-commerce sites. The goal of ecommerce SEO is not only to grow organic traffic, but also to optimize the overall user experience including diagnosing and resolving issues that may be preventing sales. Therefore, the SEO work optimizes the ecommerce website to rank for the important keywords, but to deliver a top-quality user experience and generate revenue.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon transformed buying behaviour, starting with books, and today has become an essential online channel for many product categories. As a specialized advertising and marketing platform, marketing on their site is highly complex, requires specialized knowledge, and deep expertise in working with the AMS team.  AMS offers a variety of tools and strategies to help sellers reach their target audience, including product listing optimization, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and sponsored brand placements. By leveraging AMS effectively, businesses can significantly increase their organic ranking within the Amazon marketplace, drive more qualified traffic to their product listings, and ultimately boost sales.

Franchise & Multi-location SEO

Ensures consistent local SEO implementation across all franchise or business locations. This is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and maximizing organic visibility in local search results. Franchise & Multi-location SEO involves developing a centralized strategy that can be adapted to the specific needs of each location. This may include creating location-specific landing pages, managing local online listings (NAP citations), and building local backlinks. By implementing a comprehensive Franchise & Multi-location SEO strategy, businesses can ensure that all their locations are discoverable by potential customers searching online.

Content Writing

High-quality content is the cornerstone of SEO and an essential element in Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines for White Hat SEO. Expert, informative, authoritative, and trustworthy content attracts visitors, establishes authority, and boosts rankings by:

  • Targeting relevant keywords
  • Engaging users
  • Building brand expertise

Link Building

Link building involves acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant, high-authority websites. These backlinks signal trust and authority to search engines, favourably influencing your ranking. When your efforts focus on quality over quantity, prioritizing links from relevant sites with strong domain authority and strategic placement within the content, your website will be rewarded with links to this helpful content.

SEO Guelph Experts

Our Process

The team at Asset Digital Communications has consistently achieved SEO success on our own website and on our client’s websites through ethical white-hat techniques exclusively.

Our SEO process is designed to deliver long-term results that comply with search engine guidelines and build lasting trust with audiences. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with our Guelph SEO experts:

Competitive Research Analysis

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your competitor landscape. This includes identifying your key competitors in local search results, understanding their SEO strategies, and uncovering their strengths and weaknesses. We apply our findings, along with our expertise to develop a targeted approach that positions your website for competitive advantage

Methodical Keyword Assignment

Each keyword or search phrase has specific search intent behind it. We strategically assign keywords to different pages on your website based on their relevance and search intent. This ensures your website ranks for the most valuable keywords that will generate qualified leads and conversions.

On-Page SEO Content Writing for Targeted Persona Frameworks

We create high-quality, informative content that is specifically tailored to your target audience’s needs and interests.  We also develop targeted persona frameworks that then inform all aspects of your content marketing including website, blog, email and social. This optimized content is delivers measurable value to your readers, establishes you as an industry expert, and encourages user engagement.

Off-Page SEO and External Link Building:

We build a natural and sustainable backlink profile to your website by acquiring links from high-authority and relevant websites. Backlinks act as votes of trust that improve your website’s credibility and search engine ranking.

Thorough Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO strategy. We conduct in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms with high search volume and low competition.  We go beyond just search volume, considering user intent and location-specific keywords to ensure your website attracts the right kind of traffic.

On-Page SEO Code Optimization & Fine-Tuning

Our SEO optimizes your website’s code structure and technical elements to improve search engine crawlability and user experience. This includes optimizing page speed, mobile-friendliness, and ensuring proper use of title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.

On-Site Internal Link Optimization

We create a strategic internal linking structure to guide the buyer journey; users and search engines, through your website. This ensures that important pages are easily accessible and helps search engines understand the hierarchy and relevance of your content

Creating SEO Strategy

A Deep Dive Into Your Website by Top Guelph SEO Experts

Developing a comprehensive SEO strategy the first step in achieving long-term success in organic search. At Asset Digital, we go beyond basic keyword targeting, creating a multi-faceted approach that optimizes your website for both search engines and users.
Here’s a closer look at the key elements that form the foundation of our SEO strategy:

Keyword Mapping with Competitive Intent

Keyword mapping is more than just assigning keywords to pages. We conduct in-depth research to understand not just search volume but also the intent behind specific search queries. This allows us to map relevant keywords to targeted landing pages that directly address user needs.  For example, if a user searches for “best running shoes for beginners,” we wouldn’t just target “running shoes,” but focus on keywords like “comfortable running shoes for new runners” or “beginner-friendly running shoe reviews.” This ensures your website attracts users who are actively looking for what you offer and are more likely to convert.

User-Centric Content Optimization for Search Engines

Our proven approach to content optimization addresses both users and search engines. We create high-quality, informative content that is strategically optimized for your chosen keywords. The first SEO tactic that became popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, today keyword stuffing is no longer practiced, but worse, can be dangerous for your website’s SEO performance. Today’s top SEOs focus on natural keyword integration, and structure content logically with clear headings and subheadings. This ensures search engines can easily understand your content and rank it for relevant searches, while also providing a good reading experience for the website visitor.

Results Driven Technical SEO Audit

A robust technical foundation is essential for optimal website performance. Our technical SEO audit goes beyond simply identifying crawl errors. We delve into a comprehensive analysis that includes website speed optimization, a mobile responsiveness evaluation, and ensuring proper schema markup implementation.

We will examine your website’s internal linking structure to ensure search engines can efficiently crawl and index all your valuable content. Addressing these technical elements not only improves your website’s ranking potential but also creates a seamless user experience for visitors on all devices.

Schema Markup for Richer Search Results:

Think of schema markup as a process of adding valuable labels to your website content. These labels improve context about your offerings to search engines.  When search engines can crawl and with these context labels applied, make sense of your content, they will reward your website accordingly. Setting up schema markup improves your website ranking and traffic as a result.

We implement relevant schema markup to also increase the chances of your website appearing in rich search results with features like star ratings for local businesses, product descriptions for ecommerce websites, or FAQs for informational content. Richer search results can significantly improve click-through rates by providing users with more informative snippets directly on the search engine results page

Content Gap Analysis: Identifying Content Opportunities

We don’t just create content; we create top quality informative content that fills strategic gaps in your website’s information architecture. Through a rigorous content gap analysis, we compare your website’s content to your top competitors, identifying  topics or themes that may be missing. This allows us to develop targeted content that addresses these gaps, offering valuable information to your audience and establishing your brand as an industry leader.

Core Web Vitals & User Experience Optimization:

Core Web Vitals are more than just a ranking factor. They are a user experience necessity. Our SEO work incorporates optimizing your website’s speed, responsiveness, and visual stability to ensure users have a positive experience from the moment they land on your page. This translates to a significant boost in website traffic retention and engagement, ultimately leading to better conversion rates for your business goals.

Backlink Gap Analysis & Strategic Link Building:

Backlinks remain a valuable factor in search engine ranking. We conduct a backlink gap analysis to assess your current backlink profile compared to your competitors. This helps us identify high-authority websites relevant to your industry where you can potentially acquire valuable backlinks.  Our link-building work prioritizes quality over quantity, focusing on securing natural backlinks from reputable sources that enhance your website’s credibility and domain authority in the eyes of search engines.

By implementing these key elements and continuously optimizing your website for growth, we deliver measurable data-driven SEO management services. Our unique approach and steady competent work has achieved results for 100% of our clients

Expert SEO Tips to Keep Growing

Staying on top of the latest SEO best practice is fundamental to attaining consistent website organic traffic growth. Here are some valuable SEO tips to strengthen your website’s visibility and search engine ranking:

Embrace EEAT Recommendations

Google prioritizes Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) in search results. Ensure your website content is created by experts, showcases your industry knowledge, and builds trust with users through testimonials, reviews, and affiliations.

Content Optimization for Latest Algorithm Updates

Search engine algorithms are being updated frequently, and so the rules of SEO change over time. Staying informed about the latest updates is a professional requirement for SEO in today’s dynamic online world. Focus on creating high-quality, informative content that conforms to Google’s content guidelines (link to it)

RankBrain & Spambrain Audit

RankBrain is Google’s AI algorithm that analyzes user behavior and engagement. A “Spambrain” audit can help identify any potential spammy elements on your website that might negatively impact RankBrain’s assessment.

AI & Plagiarism Prevention

While AI writing tools are gaining popularity, prioritize original, plagiarism-free content. Search engines penalize plagiarized content, harming your ranking potential.

Seamless SEO Website Migration

Planning a website migration? Perhaps you’re rebranding or launching a new updated website. Ensure proper SEO implementation to avoid ranking drops or worse: losing the accumulated authority, value and traffic in the current URL. This includes redirecting old URLs, updating internal links, and submitting your updated sitemap to search engines.

Bonus Tip

Regularly monitor your website’s performance through analytics tools. Track key metrics like organic traffic, keyword ranking, and user engagement to identify areas for improvement and refine your SEO for ongoing success.

7 Steps to Higher Rank on Google in Guelph

The Guelph business community  is highly competitive, so developing SEO best practices will ensure you continue to see growth in your website performance. Here are 7 often overlooked steps which will make a measurable difference to sustaining SEO performance:

  1. Maintain a mobile friendly website
  2. Produce relevant, authoritative, top quality content
  3. Refresh outdated content and evaluate featured snippet opportunities periodically
  4. Don’t ignore technical SEO
  5. Build deep internal linking on your website & allocate time to develop quality backlinks
  6. Check Core Web Vitals regularly and address issues that get flagged
  7. Study your competition

Outpace your competition with Guelph's Best SEO Agency

People like you are busy: so are your clients. When you go to the internet to find a solution, you want to find results fast. Let’s make sure your clients find you for every search phrase they’re using! When they see you over and over again in search results, you will be their clear choice. Choose Asset Digital as your Guelph SEO company in for top search results!

Increase inbound inquiries by 100-500% within 6-12 months

Here are the five qualities inherit in a top SEO company in Guelph:


One of the attributes of great SEO company in Guelph is their experience across a wide range of situations, whether that be industry, company structure or competitive challenges, or unique website problems and technical SEO issues. At the foundation of top quality SEO is the strategy, which means being able to understand your unique business, its history, and the particular set of steps that will overcome current website issues. This comes from depth of experience across many industries in addition to top level SEO skills. A great SEO company will easily describe past work and how they handled similar challenges with other clients. This type of conversation does not rely on buzzwords or industry jargon. When you speak with us, you’ll quickly see that we are able to understand your perspective, and will speak to you in terms that are relevant to you.


When you review SEO services in Guelph, you may see a diverse range of tactics on display which can range from “white hat” to “grey hat” and sadly even “black hat”. SEO has evolved even over the past few years and many agencies have not kept up. There are some firms who rely on old tactics, risky unapproved tactics or cheap black or grey hat hacks packaged up and on offer.

We offer 100% white hat SEO services. This means that the work we do delivers lasting benefits to our clients. Each one of our clients receives an SEO solution tailored precisely to their business and the goals set. Our work includes carrying out an initial analysis of the website and industry, analysis of competitors, and keyword research. We then carry out specific and focused on-page optimizations and technical SEO. SEO content is crucial for strong search engine performance, and we have a stable of competent, professional writers who write our content.


We are happy to share our expertise with you, to talk about your challenges and goals. In fact, we often carry out a complimentary audit of your website. This enables us to explain in plain language the steps recommended to improve your website ROI. We do the work of translating the audit data into valuable jargon-free insights so that you understand the path forward in working together.


At the outset you will be assigned an account manager who will be your main point of contact and carry over-all responsibility to deliver results to your company. In addition to providing a highly proficient team of experts who are overseen by an account or project manager, we also use a wide range of the latest software tools to measure, analyze, and report on our work.

Additionally, each client receives a regular report and the opportunity for an online meeting to discuss our work with you.  Our client reports are concise, clearly show the impact our work has made, identifies any unique observations or opportunities that we spot, and sets out our priorities for the next month.

Our approach enables you to see progress and feel our team’s accountability to your business.


Case studies and client feedback provide insight into the agency’s overall attention to clients, the quality of their work, and their client communications.

Producing case studies and sharing them with a potential new client can demonstrate the types of business growth issues that have been successfully overcome with SEO.

Our case studies provide insight into the quality of our work and the results we have delivered for our clients.

When you are able to see a case study presented to you, it allows you to evaluate the agency, how they think, and the depth of their capabilities. It provides a framework to discuss your business’s unique challenges and hear how we would address these with an SEO campaign. Ask us to share our case studies during a consultation together.

We work with small and medium sized businesses across Canada and the US. When our clients have an in-house marketing manager this person often oversees our work.   We are able to work closely with them to develop and execute the digital marketing strategy and plan. They enjoy peace of mind knowing accountable experts at work and available when needed for discussion.

We work with companies across many industries including manufacturing, distribution, construction, e-commerce, retail, consumer products, marketing services, consulting services, associations, education, culture, health care and more. Our broad experience brings creative solutions to the marketing strategies we develop for our clients.

Additionally, we are a bilingual agency with full French and English language capabilities.  And we possess a strong understanding of each of the major Canadian cities. If your firm is outside of Canada and you want to strengthen your Canadian or North American presence, we can certainly help you reach that goal.

Enjoyable and engaging! Once the terms of our engagement have been defined, you will be assigned a single point-of-contact.

A dedicated Project Manager becomes your main point-of-contact. A team of specialists will be assigned based on the work we are hired to do, with the right people tackling each aspect.

Often our work together starts with the development of the marketing strategy. At this stage, we carry out research, identifying the key drivers and players in your industry, their successful tactics and missed opportunities in their active channels. An understanding or your competitors and their online strategies will provide your business with a sound set of recommendations for how we will strengthen your digital marketing impact.

We also evaluate your current online presence, applying sophisticated software tools to mine valuable insights that we then use to form a cohesive strategy to deliver the best ROI on your marketing spend with us.

Our client onboarding process gives you the chance to tell us everything we need to know. Once the onboarding process is complete, we then set to work doing our research and planning work. Our clients have the opportunity to review, revise and approve the strategy we propose.

Each month our clients receive a detailed report on our work and are offered an opportunity for a one-hour phone meeting to discuss it. We are accountable, accessible, and see ourselves as your customized marketing department.

Making an impact on your business and its marketing goals takes commitment, expertise, discipline, creativity and accountability. We bring these to the table for our clients who are busy people and need an agency they can rely on as their partner.

Our pricing is competitive. We do not aim to be the cheapest proposal on the table. But we will most certainly represent the best SEO services value! Our clients will back us up on that.

How much do SEO services cost? That depends on a few things. We will request a phone or virtual call to understand your challenges and what you seek to achieve with SEO. Based on these needs and challenges we will develop a tailored SEO services plan for your business.

With the right SEO strategy and a competent team working toward your goals, success is not far off!  Don’t waste any more time or money on ineffective SEO strategies. Speak with Guelph SEO Experts Asset Digital Communications to get started with SEO services  that deliver measurable results.

Yes, we help other agencies with the full range of SEO services. We have a team of specialists including SEO Strategy experts, content writers, SEO tactical specialists, Wordpress developers, and off-page SEO experts. We have worked on large and small projects, bringing deep SEO expertise to manage your agency client expectations.

An SEO report provides an analysis and summary of the work done during the month. This covers website traffic, search engine ranking, links, keyword performance, and other indicators of SEO success.

The report also covers changes made to the website such as content and technical. It also include link-building activities and other efforts to improve search engine visibility.

Additionally, the report offers insights and suggestions for future actions. This includes potential areas for optimization and strategies for maintaining or improving rankings.

The role of the website is to help grow the business. The philosophy of our founder, Mary-Jane Owen, is that today’s growing business should hold its website accountable in bringing in new and valuable business leads.  Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to strengthen the website’s ability to be found by search engine, ranked for relevant keywords, to attract quality organic traffic for new leads and to maintain top of mind awareness among existing customers.

If a high volume of your website traffic is not being generated by online searches from people looking for your products or services, then you are losing ground to competitors.

These online consumers have product-related questions, and if your content provides the best answer, it will rank higher in searches, and be found sooner by those potential new customers. We are Top SEO Agency Guelph experts, with the team, expertise, and experience to put you at the top of these google searches. Let’s get your website is generating a measurable return on investment.