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Content has become a foundational part of digital marketing because it brings growing volumes of new potential customers to your website. content is a proven method for growth whether your marketing goals are increased brand share, wider business awareness, or growth of your loyal base.

When businesses invest in high-quality content, every measure of their digital marketing plan shows improvement.

Content Marketing’s Proven Benefits

Content marketing enables new and existing customers to learn about your products and services. High quality content on the website is one of the most effective methods when it comes to building trust, assisting consumers through their buyer journey, and ranking on page 1 on Google.

There are many more benefits of Content Marketing:
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Increase leads to your website
  • Build social media traffic and followers
  • Build your brand's authority
  • Educate your customers, demonstrate expertise to your industry
  • Create trust in your company and services
  • Increase backlinks to your website

While traditional marketing methods really focused on pushing the message out through various channels, content marketing is picked up by the search engines and delivered to hungry consumers looking for that content!

We Get Results

Custom Furniture Manufacturer

Content Marketing Agencies in Toronto689%

Increase in Conversions in 90 days

Wholesale Food Distributor

Content Marketing Agencies in Toronto430%

Increase in website traffic in 12 months

Organic Nutrition eCommerce Business

Content Marketing Agencies in Toronto1287%

Increase in organic website traffic in 6 months

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There are so many opportunities to create high performing content!

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Asset Digital Communications creates content across a wide range of industries, the content and tone adapted to our clients’ brand and digital marketing objectives. If you would like to learn how our professional content teams can create engaging, high-quality content for business, get in touch.

Create An Effective Content  Marketing Plan

Content is at the core of today’s best performing online marketing strategies. there are many important aspects to making Content Marketing an effective part of your SEO, blog, or lead generation campaign.

Content on your website helps your audience solve specific and relevant problems. They move through their buyer journey to the purchase stage with your valuable content they have found during their search.

One crucial part of content marketing is developing buyer persona. a buyer persona can be defined as a highly detailed description of your ideal customers. when developing these personas, we look at their needs, values, socio-economic traits, and even details such as how they think, buy, and why they make certain buying decisions.

Our experience has shown that stronger content performance is achieved when buyer persona is part of the content strategy.

Buyer Persona Benefits All four Ps of Marketing

Content Marketing FAQs

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing SEO content for targeted audiences online. It is used by businesses to achieve goals like attracting and generating leads, expanding their customer base, increasing online sales and brand awareness, and engaging an online community of users.

Content marketing attracts new customers by creating and sharing valuable free content.

B2B content marketing uses content to expand your business’s audience, improve and build brand affinity. Thus, driving leads and sales by appealing to other businesses.

Content Marketing is permissive meaning it is discovered by the consumers and, they consume it whenever they want to; they have given their consent to be marketed to.

Traditional Marketing is an interruptive way of marketing. This means advertisements or promotions reach customers whenever and through any channel’s marketers like.

Lead generating content is content packaged into lead magnet resources. This content can be guest blogging, quizzes, and survey, upgrading landing pages, long-tail SEO, producing high quality content and so on.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business involves many steps such as setting your goals, establishing KPIs, building personas, assessing your current position, finding best channels, deciding on content types, and finally creating a content calendar.