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Email Marketing is a Proven  Digital Marketing Strategy

Emailing is one of the single greatest tools that business owners have at their disposal. 64% of companies surveyed consider it the most effective marketing channel. For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA Report, 2019).

It’s safe to say the cost to implement email marketing is low when compared to other marketing channels and the return on investment is incredibly high.

Email marketing continues to be a reliable, effective communications channel to develop customer relationships, strengthen brand awareness, product knowledge, implement community-based initiatives and fund-raisers, as well as welcome new prospective buyers to your company and services.

Email marketing is a cost effective, valuable, and evolving tool. Business owners who are disciplined and consistent with their email marketing get powerful benefits from their efforts.

Email marketing empowers businesses to inform and engage their highly committed subscriber base with unique offers and messages, to keep their brand vital, and relevant between purchase transactions.

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of marketers use email marketing to disseminate their content.



of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

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of consumers said that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands on a weekly basis.

Essential Email Marketing Activities for Growth

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  • List building campaigns to grow your email subscriber base
  • Stay connected with your subscriber base so you’re top of mind next time they purchase
  • Boost sales with special offers and product promotion
  • Educate your subscriber base to grow brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website with new content delivered via email
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with content that educates them on your product/service and increase the value they get from your company
  • Develop brand advocates and highlight customer stories

Our Email Marketing Approach

Email marketing is the perfect solution to assist businesses in communicating messages or campaigns to push for leads and growth.

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Email Marketing Content Strategy

Engage with your audiences based on their stage in the sales cycle, with content that is relevant to them. We develop a unique, customized content strategy for your business. how? We begin by establishing the target audience and then create in-depth personas.

This customer-centric content is both tone and topic appropriate for its audience. We deliver this content to segmented audiences via automated email software, and then carefully measure the performance of each campaign.


Asset Launch Campaigns and List Building

Establish thought leadership and demonstrate authority in your industry with outstanding content in the form of e-books, white papers, or self-help tools. These assets have become an essential part of lead generation and list building. We create a wide range of content using the latest graphic design principles, videography, and trending topic trends to keep your brand up front and top of mind.

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Easy Integration

Email marketing works best when it is closely integrated with other systems or services. We use APIs that permit email capabilities to be added to an eCommerce platform. This can also be integrated with mobile apps, social apps, or loyalty programs.

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Email Drip Campaigns and List-Building

Drip campaigns are great for everything from new email subscriber, on-boarding to brand awareness and promotion. we develop content that is specific to each buyer segment and sent with a cadence that will sustain top of mind awareness. the content is the scheduled and delivered automatically on an automated calendar basis. drip campaigns build loyalty and maintain top of mind awareness.

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Automation Messages

Consistent communication is a practice that gives definitive results. Email message automation enables us to stay in touch with people and respond to a specific action or send messages based on some set of rules. The simplest example of this would be an automated welcome message. Each time a shopper subscribes to the newsletter, it would trigger an automated welcome message.


Segmentation and Advanced Segmentation

Segmentation is another prized skill that we love at Asset Digital Communications. It enables us to send out targeted emails based on customer actions and behaviours. Then there is Advanced Segmentation which defines the user base for further tailored messaging. Email list segmentation is a way to nurture prospects and guide them down the sales funnel from the awareness stage to a final sale.

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Emails for Mobile

As people spend more time on mobiles, it is only logical to send mobile-friendly emails. Asset Digital Communications has long adopted this trend as mobile devices are increasingly used for web surfing, banking, shopping, and searching for places near them.


Email Marketing Analytics

Yes, Email analytics is a thing. Gone are the days of basic email reporting, we offer our clients immediate and insightful feedback on their email marketing campaigns. Detailed understandings enable us to divulge deeper into creating and improving campaigns.

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Newsletter Management Services

Newsletters are a ubiquitous form of email content marketing. They provide a regular opportunity to engage with prospective customers and increase subscribers with valuable content designed to build brand authority and sales conversions.

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