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A business website reflects the brand, reputation, expertise, and professionalism of a company. Make the right first impression with relevant, responsive website design and development that is user-centric.

With rapid advancements in website design and development space, your website may be under increasing pressure to keep up with your competitors. So, if you have not changed or updated your website in recent years, chances are, it’s time for an upgrade.

Today’s websites are vibrant business communities, where brands engage website visitors with content that aids their buyer journey. Existing customers find the information they need, potential new customers should find answers to their buyer’s journey questions. Well created websites offer a smooth, inviting user experience along with ROI, doing its work in attracting a growing volume of new organic visitors.

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of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.


of smartphone and tablet owners search for B2B products on those devices.


of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining a business’s credibility.


of consumers shop with competition after a poor user experience.

eCommerce Website Design and Development

There are several components that need to play smoothly to make a single online sale. website design and user experience is the biggest factor that decides whether a customer will place an order or simply lose interest.

An eCommerce website’s main goal is to make the process of making an online purchase as easy as possible for the consumer. this is where website design and development play a decisive role in achieving this. each user experience includes look and feel, the color of your theme, ease of search, the strength of your copy, in directing online shoppers through the sales funnel and making a conversion.

At asset digital communications, we understand the value of simplicity in design. a clean, easy-to-use, and straightforward interface with the right call to action determines your success.

If you want to build a new eCommerce site or even renovate an existing one, get in touch with us. tell us about your most pressing questions.

Our Website Design and Development  Approach

When it comes to website design and development, we work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that you are happy each step of the way. our talented web design experts produce a website that caters to your audience—all crafted using the latest techniques and programs. our web development teams bring the latest in WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and custom work to develop websites designed to deliver business growth.

Website Design & Development

Today, a responsive, mobile-friendly, and visually appealing website is vital to the success of businesses. we create a website that not only entices your audience but also represents your brand and message. a well-designed and SEO-optimized website will increase your website traffic exponentially.

Many websites are designed to look attractive, but not to generate leads and awareness. our team possess both skill sets – front end and back-end developers collaborate with our SEO strategists to ensure your website uses the latest trends in design and search engine optimization, so your new website immediately gains traction and ranking.

Graphic Design Services

Our website designers understand that the best designs should contain compelling graphics as well as intuitive navigation menus and optimized quality content, with SEO strategy. additionally, our team understands that your logo is also an essential element to the success of your business. logos need to be updated. doing this, in conjunction with a new website design, enables you to freshen up your brand image. we offer a full range of design services for businesses so that you can represent a contemporary and compelling image!

Branding & Tone Development

In today’s business culture, establishing a brand image is what sets your company aside from the competition. a fully developed brand takes into consideration values, culture, and positioning that differentiates them from others in the industry. Our team will ensure that your brand and message are uniform and clearly presented across the entire website.

Success online is more challenging than ever before. Therefore, your website becomes the foundation of your brand marketing strategy. Request a quote today!

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Website Design and Development FAQs

E-Commerce websites are online portals that enable online transactions of goods and services in exchange for funds. E-commerce websites require SEO to be effective in bringing quality customers to the website. we are seasoned experts in e-commerce SEO.

While a website gives you a platform to promote your products and services, an eCommerce website takes it one step further and lets your target audience buy products and services directly from your business.

eCommerce website development makes sure you have all the right tools to run your online store. This includes several steps starting with finding the website builder that fits your needs, buying a plan, registering a domain name, picking, and then customizing a template, adding products with images and descriptions, adding payment options, setting shipping policies, and security measures to the website.

SEO or search engine optimization is foundational to an effective website. Today’s websites should bring growing volumes of traffic and leads organically, thanks to the power of search engines. This is accomplished with monthly SEO carried out on the website by experts versed in the latest advanced techniques. SEO is therefore very important since it makes your website more visible, allowing more traffic and opportunities to convert potential customers.

For a small eCommerce website, this time can be roughly 6-10 weeks, larger eCommerce sites can take three or four times as long.

You can market an eCommerce website for free by embracing social media, starting a blog, listing in local service lists, releasing press releases, constantly updating YouTube, joining relevant online communities.

There are many ways to promote an eCommerce business like building your email list, boosting your social media presence, optimizing website’s SEO, partner with complementary brands, PPC, advertise on social media platforms, and last but not the least, creating interesting and useful content.

A typical website takes approximately 14 weeks minimum from start to launch assuming the client submits materials and content to us on schedule. It starts with 3 weeks discovery, then 6 weeks design, going to 3 weeks of initial development, and finally a couple of weeks for modifications provided the content has already been written.

While every website is unique the steps in the process are quite similar.

As a first step client requirements are defined. We will provide a questionnaire to you, which will enable us to gather essential details. Through the process, the website layout is discussed, along with content and any multi-lingual language requirements. The content management system can be a consideration if WordPress (the most common CMS aside from custom websites) is not going to be a fit. In discussing the client’s needs, the question of which CMSs should be considered will be reviewed. If the project involves mobile development, then specific related requirements will be reviewed. Often there can be a requirement for custom work, videography, or special features which will be covered off in detail. E-commerce websites have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. The consideration of the client’s requirements is a function of how large the website is, how complex their needs are, and any special considerations.

Once the requirements including content, graphics, video, and other functions are defined, the budget and timelines can be discussed. The team is confirmed, and the onboarding meeting is set where the client team and ours meet either virtually or in person. We will want to understand your brand, your industry, and your customers so that your new website will be the perfect representation of your online presence.

Our team will include a project manager as well as the front-end developer assigned to the project. Other team members can include content creators, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and a full-stack or back-end developer. The client will communicate on a regular basis with the project manager.

Once the work begins, a staging site will be set up for the development work. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, a wireframe or site map will be developed. This is an overview of how visitors will interact with your website. From there we begin designing website pages as well as develop the SEO plan. The SEO plan will ensure that content on each page is optimized following the latest on-page SEO best practices.

Once the design stage is complete, we begin the development. During the development process, the client can see the new website come to life on the staging server and will be provided an opportunity to request changes. Upon completion of development work the client will sign off, and we will begin the website migration process to bring the new website online.