Social Media Community Management Services in Canada

Social Media Community Management will save you time and help achieve better results.

That means you can spend more time running your business and doing what you do best!

Many Canadian business owners struggle to balance running a business with staying on top of their social media. As a result, both suffer. The time spent on social media is a missed opportunity to support your operations team or meet with key clients.

When you hire us for your online community management, we bring a highly trained professional social media team to your brand’s online communities.

To get you started on social media, we can help polish your online image, and set up your social profiles. The next step is to get your Facebook page & Twitter account verified. From there we provide a steady stream of content that generates engagement, brand mentions, and growth online.

In addition to creating content that gets noticed, we can schedule and publish it, and help set up promotions & contests. We use our expertise to grow your follower base, whether you require B2C or B2B marketing.

Our social media managers monitor engagement and actively, seek out new online followers, turn them into fans, and then into customers! This key element of a successful online business growth strategy takes time, especially in an increasingly competitive environment.

When we manage your social media accounts, we work to develop your unique brand voice and communicate with your follower base. We want to excite, engage, inform, listen, and promote your services to your growing follower base and improve your brand’s reputation!

We Are Your Community Manager

When we take over your social media community development & management, we use the latest tools, digital marketing techniques, and social media best practices to engage and measure your online communities.

Our goal is to capitalize on every opportunity to boost local and online awareness and keep your brand top of mind. We employ social listening techniques and survey the landscape in order to grab those special moments. Then, we can use them to build trust, brand equity, and engagement with your target audience!

We also seek out new audiences to discover your brand. Asset Digital Communications strives to grow your following of loyal and dedicated customers. And as a result, build your online presence through timely and consistent social engagement.

Social Media Community Management

Get improved performance with social media community management services from Asset Digital. We are the experts!

Learn how we create Top Performing Social Media Marketing Plans !

5 Essential Steps to Social Media Community Management

Email Campaigns

Follower Acquisition and Content Development

When developing a content strategy your goal is to attract new followers and as well to engage existing followers. These people can help grow your brand awareness by engaging and sharing your content.

Take a look at the steps involved in conversion.

Great content is meant to generate followers. It can then grow their brand awareness so that your brand is under consideration during a purchase cycle. And finally the conversion of the follower to a customer. This is the cycle that good content marketing strategy adheres to including with community management.

Social Customer Care

Social Customer Care

Social networks have rapidly evolved to become places where consumers and brands can interact. We have the ability to listen, monitor and analyze the behaviour of potential customers. We receive consumer feedback over social. And we can strengthen relationships with our followers over social.

Social media provides the opportunity to demonstrate your values, your integrity and your commitment to excellent customer service. Or not. So be proactive with your strategy. We live in an era where some of the biggest, most valuable brands erode this with poor customer care and treatment.

Foster customer loyalty at every stage to gain competitive advantage and strengthen brand awareness and loyalty.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The larger your company the more vulnerable you are to a company crisis going viral over social. The key is to handle it quickly and strategically.

Problem can rise from many areas:

  • poor customer care phone call,
  • promotion gone wrong,
  • controversial ad campaign,
  • product quality,
  • delivery issues,
  • and much more.

But no matter the source, you need to build a crisis management plan into your social media strategy.

Follower Retention

Follower Retention

You’ve done incredible work in growing your online communities. However to keep them engaged, remember that content creators face competition, from the FB & Twitter News Feeds and countless others.

A steady stream of great content that continues to engage your followers is can’t be repetitive. Therefore you must look at the topics and themes you’ve been exploring. And you must be ready to test new trends and topics across your social profiles.

Smart marketers will use product promotions and targeted online ads to offer fans and followers exclusive deals. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your fans and followers into brand ambassadors.

Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is generally reserved for large national brands with deep pockets. However, as a small business, this strategy can also be yours. As long as you’re willing to do a little work and be creative.

Discover what’s missing in your company’s social media strategy. Call us. We’d love to talk to you about your business.