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Social media marketing has revolutionized business. To stay relevant in this rising digital age, you must incorporate creative, high performing social media into your marketing strategy.

A talented social media agency will get your business there faster! We are experts in strategy and management for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and more.

How We’ll Create Your Winning Social Media Action Plan

Social Media Audit

Social Strategy Development and Consulting

As a top social media agency in Toronto, our work starts with evaluating what you are currently doing online. We can then understand the challenges you’ve encountered and form insights into your business. We also discuss the impact of business growth on your company so there are no surprises down the road.

Next, we establish some benchmarks and a set of priorities that serves to focus the work we undertake. From there we set about the analytic work which is the foundation of good social media strategy development. In addition, we share our insights and recommendations for community management with you so you learn and provide input to the strategy development.

Website Analytics

Social Media Audits and Competitive Analysis

Above all, we understand that every business is different. Our job is to understand the nuances, competitive environment, and complexities of your industry and your business. Our team employ a set of tools as well as integrated and local SEO to do this.

We also use a proven methodology to evaluate the power of your current website and social presence. For instance, our team of experts survey the competitive landscape to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for your business. After that, we bring together our understanding of your business with our insights and observations of the latest competitive developments in your industry. The result is an exciting, unique, and effective strategy to reach and surpass the goals you have set.

Content Development

Content Development

Content development is at the core of all effective online growth. Therefore, the business strategy that we design will have a content development component. Content marketing works to attract interest and engagement from targeted high-value audiences for your business.

Do you need more new business leads? Want more customer engagement? We translate your business goals into lively, engaging content that converts! What’s more, we develop content across all the platforms at play.

Social Media Calendar

Editorial Calendars for Social Media

All this fun and exciting content is organized and prioritized in an Editorial Calendar! That means as content is being written and finalized, our team works tirelessly to create an editorial calendar that supports your goals. We handle of all the publishing, scheduling, and automation, and use analytics to monitor and fine tune content performance. Additionally, we can provide ongoing community management services, where we consistently interact with your customers to drive online engagement and satisfaction.

Traffic Growth

Reporting & Analytics

A very important (and interesting!) element of the entire process is reporting and analytics. We track campaign performance relentlessly. Our experts want to know what is happening online with your customers.

We can do many things with that knowledge. For example, we can seize on the best timing and make small edits to a great campaign. This information also allows us to brainstorm new ideas to amplify any growth trend we see.

We also package up our results, insights, and recommendations into a monthly client report. That way you are always in the loop on our work.

Go Further with Social Media Community Management

Once you’ve started posting valuable content to social media on a consistent basis, your community will begin to form. Managing a social community offers its own challenges and difficulties, which is why we also offer social media management services.

We use the latest online tools and digital marketing techniques to engage and measure your online communities. With a strong community, you can begin to experiment with influencer marketing, effective video production, and social media advertising. Learn more about our community management services here.

What Our Clients Say:

“Asset Digital Communications have developed creative digital marketing solutions that have delivered huge rewards and growth for our organization.” – Jacques Charette

“The team at Asset Digital did a wonderful job with our social media, coming up with content that speaks to our business objectives and audiences. If you are a small business that’s looking to build your social media presence and increase your web traffic, I highly recommend Assets Digital Communications!” – Jason Li

Don’t allow your business get bogged down in the complexities of social media marketing. As your social media agency, we can translate your business goals into social media marketing strategies. And those strategies connect you with high-value online audiences. We make it seem easy, and your business benefits!

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Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Marketing on social media has the power to drive significant growth to your business. In fact, with over 3 billion users on social media, your target audience is waiting to connect with your company there. We are Asset Digital Communications, a bilingual Social Media Agency – a bridge between you and your online audiences!

We understand the intricacies of social media and the ever-changing algorithms that make the difference in marketing impact. In other words, our team are professionally trained and educated to activate the power of social media marketing to grow your business. In addition to leveraging your existing networks to reaching new target audiences, we use data-driven strategies and engaging content to drive the right users to your site.

Social Media Supports Your Marketing

One of the greatest benefits of adding social media to your marketing is the way it impacts the rest of your marketing. Search engines like Google don’t officially take social media performance into account when ranking a website, however it does play a role. That means, with a strong presence on social, you should also see your pay per click, or PPC, email marketing, and ad campaigns improve.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Marketing FAQ

The key performance indicators we are most interested in are followers, engagement, and website traffic. Each of these three metrics have a long-term impact on your sales. You will see these key metrics improve monthly, as we keep a close eye on our progress to make sure it continues working for you.

Our social media marketing services focus on improving followers and engagement across all your social media platforms. As your followers increase, you will likely also see an improvement in your organic website traffic. However, for an immediate boost to your website traffic, consider our paid social advertising service.

It can take a few months to begin to see the results of your efforts. We recommend sticking with a social media marketing strategy for a minimum of 3 month, but preferably 6 to 12 months. It can take even longer if you’re not posting regularly or providing high quality content.

Yes, but indirectly. One common misconception about social media and SEO is that having your content shared on social will help improve your ranking. But Google has said social shares don’t count in its algorithm.

However, you can use social media to network with bloggers, editors, and journalists. All of these people can potentially link to your website through their own content, which does help your SEO.

The simple answer is the kind of content your audience wants to see.

It all comes down to knowing your ideal customer. Once you understand their lifestyle, desires, and pain points, it becomes much easier to create and find relevant content they will enjoy and share.

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