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Asset Digital Communications Is a Leading Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto, Serving Clients Across Canada, the United States and Abroad

Our clients trust us for innovative solutions and consistent results. We are seasoned experts in Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising PPC, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Web Development and Design.

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Our agency culture is built on strong client communications, full transparency, nimble flexibility, and eye-popping creativity. Our digital marketing solutions create 360-degree growth for our clients!

When clients first approach us, they are often not sure how digital marketing can solve their problem. They ask questions such as:

Can a Digital Marketing Agency Actually Ramp Up Revenue Growth?
Why Is Our Website Not Bringing in Leads? Is It Outdated, or Is There Another Problem?
Are We Paying Too Much for Our PPC Leads?
Why Is Our Social Media Not Paying Off the Way It Seems to Be for Our Competition?
How Can We Create More Brand Awareness & Online Visibility?
We Hear You!

We promise to speak in language you understand, responding to your questions at each step in the process. Our deep experience guides the process in tailoring the right solution to meet your goals.

We Generate Results

Major Toronto Events Organization


Increase in organic traffic to website in 90 days

E-Commerce Nutrition Brand


Increase in search results in 6 months

Online Fashion Brand


Growth in social media follower base in first 90 days

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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Are you grappling with a marketing issue, and wondering if we can solve it?

Perhaps you wonder if a digital marketing agency can ramp up your revenue growth…

Maybe your website is outdated, the traffic is low and it’s time to fix these issues.

Not generating enough leads from your website is a common issue we see, as is paying too much for your PPC leads. And how about Social Media, that thing you’ve been grappling with for a while, but still not seeing a payoff? You’ve come to the right place.

We are a Toronto based full service digital marketing agency laser-focused on delivering growth to our clients. We love solving marketing problems.

Our Brand Promise

The right services and solution for your goal
The most seasoned team in the business
An accountable, high performance culture reporting regularly to you
The foundation of marketing is communication.

When the power of communication is applied to the digital marketing channels, a thrilling alchemy between art & science is unleashed. Phenomenal business growth is created.

Our job is to create that unique recipe, the right mix of digital marketing for your business stage, history and budget. Whether it’s website development, content creation, SMM, SEO, lead generation, CRO or PPC, your business depends on finely crafted words to get its message across.

We are Asset Digital Communications – a full service digital marketing boutique for small business.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We are a full service digital marketing agency in Toronto.

Strategy & Consulting
Lead Generation

Our Digital Marketing Services

We are a full service digital marketing agency in Toronto.

Strategy & Consulting
Lead Generation
Aline Ayoub

Mary-Jane is a seasoned marketing expert. Her team at Asset Digital have optimized my website and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for my firm, while providing business consulting advice to me that was very helpful. Her utmost quality is her business acumen, which has enabled us to build a solid strategy for business growth. Mary-Jane is one of a kind and I highly recommend her agency!

Aline Ayoub

Founder & President of Ayoub HR Consulting
Rene Viau

Mary-Jane and Asset Digital have been instrumental in driving growth through online marketing for our annual music festival. They manage all aspects of our marketing, including web site development, SEO, and content marketing. Most recently they have taken over our email marketing. We see continuous improvements in performance with their work. MJ’s team carry out marketing communications in both French and English languages, and have helped us to build a strong presence across all social media. Asset Digital has produced record attendance at our events. Mary-Jane is professional, focused, providing leadership in a fun, energetic manner, to deliver solid results for Francophonie-en-fête.

Rene Viau

President - Francophonie-en-fête
Jacques Charette

Asset Digital Communications have developed creative digital marketing solutions, delivering huge rewards and growth for our organization. We credit Mary-Jane and Asset Digital for taking the “Francophonie-en-Fête” Music Festival to become a recognized Major Cultural Event in Toronto. We highly recommend Asset Digital!

Jacques Charette

General Manager - Francophonie-en-fete Music Festival

The team at Asset Digital are full of energy and always brings a lot to the table! If you are a small business that’s looking to build your social media presence and increase your web traffic, I highly recommend Assets Digital Communications!

Jason Li

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What is Inbound Marketing?

As dramatic as it sounds - it’s true. In a world that is almost wholly digitized, any marketing strategy is incomplete without an inbound program.

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