Social Media Strategy

4 Key Tips for Social Media Strategy in a Post Pandemic World

As we transition into what can be called a post-pandemic world, it becomes apparent that the way things are done has been forever changed. This change extends to the world of social media and the ways that we conduct social media strategy.

True content marketers will know that the abilities to be adaptable and flexible are major keys in successful social media marketing. It’s important to reflect on what adjustments are necessary for your business and try to craft the need for change in to something positive!

Distancing measures could mean that the ability to communicate digitally is more important now than ever, making social media a front runner for communication opportunities. New problems for customers could be solved with a solution from your business.

Think about how your business can help and the changes that can be made to your social media strategy in order to show your customers that you are there for them. How can you communicate to your audience most effectively during this time of change and uncertainty?

Revisit Your Social Media Strategy

There’s no time like the present to make adjustments to your social media strategy and really think about what is going to be respectful and intuitive, while also effective. Here, we give you some great tips on creating, or re-creating, your social media strategy in a post pandemic world.

1. Think About Current Content

If you haven’t already, think about what content you currently have scheduled to go up on your social media platforms, along with ads that you have scheduled to run. Ask yourself if any of your scheduled content would come off as inconsiderate or insensitive given the current situation.

For example, if a restaurant were planning to start promoting family style food sharing.

This would call for a major change in plans since everyone is meant to be doing what they can to prevent the spread of the virus, which makes food sharing a poor idea.

Your social media messaging should never confuse your audience or lead them to think that your business is not being thoughtful about the current situation. Reconsider and immediately remove anything that could be inappropriate. Keep this in mind as you continue to create and promote content on your social media channels.

2. Consider Protocols and Company Changes in Your Social Media Strategy

Implement ways to show what your company is doing to stay safe and follow protocols in to your social media marketing strategy. Rather than ignoring the situation at hand, find a way to address it head on.

Make sure you are clear on company protocols and let customers know what changes they can expect when it comes to your business. Your customers will be pleased to know that you have their safety in mind and will become more inclined to trust in your brand.

Be prepared to deal with customer complaints regarding post-pandemic restrictions as everyone adjusts to new ways of doing things. Reaffirm to your audience that you are there for them and that you have their best interest at heart.

3. Apply Your Expertise to the Situation

Perhaps there is something unique that your business can do to help the situation that others can’t. Or maybe you can provide expertise that can help others transition in to and adjust to the post-pandemic world.

The world has changed and therefore so have your customer’s needs. Take a deep look in to what these new needs may be and use your social media channels to show that you are capable of helping them.

For example, the new problem of reduced budgets and cash flow could be solved with a subscription-based service. The new problem of reduced numbers in gatherings could be helped by offering pre-bookings or reservations.

Act as a resource to others and help out where you can. Be sure to make this an ongoing part of your social media strategy.

4. Promote Yourself Respectfully

You might be asking yourself if you should really be posting your regular content in addition to post-pandemic content. The answer to this is that you should in order to maintain your marketing efforts, but do so in a way that shows that you’re aware of the current situation. Find a way to reaffirm to your audience that your company’s mission still stands.

Post the things that you are proud of, things about your company and references to other content, but keep the situation in mind when doing so.

It also may be wise to practice a little bit of moderation in your posting schedule if your social media strategy includes a lot of consistent posting. There are times when it might be better to leave room for more important voices, like those of health officials, to be heard.

Try to provide positive and feel good messaging as a part of your social media strategy, and let your customers see your business as a place to look to in a time of fear and uncertainty.

Overall, things have been and will continue to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Show that you can provide the stability and consistency your customers need, and create a social media strategy that will reflect these goals.

Looking for some help in creating the right post-pandemic social media strategy for your business? Asset Digital Communications can help put together an effective strategy that will deliver the results you’re looking for. Contact us today!