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How Can a Toronto SEO Marketing Agency Help Your Business Grow?

You’re probably aware of the value that search engine optimization (SEO) brings to the table in terms of generating traffic. But you can be forgiven for not knowing the technical details of SEO. After all, that’s what an SEO agency is for.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a Toronto SEO marketing agency, you’re reading the right blog.

SEO is a vital part of a holistic digital marketing strategy and can give a lot of gains with relatively fewer investments.

But the true power of SEO gets unlocked once you have a stellar SEO professional on staff. If you don’t have one, a Toronto SEO marketing agency is your next best choice.

Let’s try and understand the value an SEO digital marketing agency can create for your marketing strategy and more importantly how it can accelerate your business growth.

Toronto SEO Marketing Agency Conduct a Sitewide Analysis & Evaluation

Any good SEO work starts with a website analysis and business evaluation. Knowing how your website is currently structured and what’s holding it back from becoming a top-ranking website can be illuminating for your business’ growth.

The website analysis usually includes analyzing your website architecture as well as the content to evaluate elements such as keyword density and the underlying code being used by your website.

This information within the context of your industry at large and your business in particular can reveal insights previously missed.

For example, you might be pitching one product but you might be getting website visits for another product altogether!

Regardless of the insights, you will get to know your target audience much better through this exercise and also better align business goals. Knowing this information the SEO agency can then set up a suitable plan specialized to your business.

Help Improve Your Website User Experience

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a good SEO agency is that your website user experience gets a big boost.

If you have a clunky or outdated user experience, you can be sure customers won’t be spending a lot of time on your website. Moreover, the chances of your website ranking well on search engine results pages (SERP) decreases as well.

Your user experience is determined by certain basic factors such as site load speeds, the responsiveness on mobile devices, confusing design of webpages.

Apart from the impact on the content that an SEO agency can create, redesigning websites should be a core capability of a good Toronto SEO marketing agency.

Fixing your website architecture, by adding breadcrumb navigation and hamburger menus are the basics that your website needs to have the content more discoverable.

Beyond this, an SEO agency can help you make accelerated mobile pages or AMP for your content pages as well.

AMP pages rank better on Google and have very quick load times, thereby positively increasing the overall experience.

Develop a Robust SEO Strategy

The consequence of your website analysis will be a deeper understanding of your target audience, your industry, and visitor behavior.

With this understanding and the business goals, a good Toronto SEO marketing agency will be able to craft an SEO strategy and roadmap personalized to your business.

This strategy will include identifying the right keywords and phrases used the most by your target audience.

And also different tactics that can help you rank higher on SERP.

These tactics can include a content generation plan around a particular theme, optimizing landing pages for lead generation, updating legacy content, or even optimizing for voice search and more.

If you’ve got the right SEO marketing agency, this agency should then be able to explain their strategy in simple terms.

Most importantly it should be able to tie back the strategy to the business goals you had defined earlier (like X% revenue attributed to SEO) or even marketing goals (increase website traffic by 25% by Q3).

Given that not every business will have a deep understanding of the technical side of SEO, you must hire a Toronto SEO marketing agency that is transparent and can speak the same language that your business does.

The best SEO marketing agencies are those that deliver actual results and deep insights for their clients while establishing a long term and sustainable SEO strategy for your business.

If you’re looking for an agency in Toronto to provide SEO services, a full service digital marketing agency like Asset Digital Communications might be the one for you! Book a free consultation call with us!